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Sidewalks + Curb Ramps
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Pedestrian using a white cane waits to cross in Oakland. PathVu technician uses pathMet to record sidewalk data along the Pittsburgh rivers.

SafeSidewalk Toolbox

Let’s face it, sidewalks + curb ramps aren’t top of everyone’s mind. But they are vital to safe, accessible, and livable communities. And ADA compliance is the law. With these facts in mind, we built our SafeSidewalk Toolbox to help municipalities evaluate and plan their critical sidewalk + curb ramp infrastructure projects. Our SafeSidewalk Toolbox provides the best-in-class combination of solutions to collect, map, and deliver data.

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Data and images captured from pathMet provide cities with objective planning insights that are laser-accurate and relevant to their goal of ADA compliance—and critical to a safer, more navigable place to live. It is a multi-sensor profiling tool that utilizes lasers, high resolution cameras, and GPS. Its Route Accessibility Index helps cities prioritize improvements and individuals map their best travel route.

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Before curbMet, curb ramp assessments typically took a long time to complete, required two people, were physically difficult, and expensive. Now, our partners accomplish the task 4-6 times faster and cheaper than doing it manually while giving them engineering-grade accuracy, app-based integration, and geo-located data. Its output is the best in the business. curbMet was developed in partnership with the engineering professionals at PennDOT.

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pathCollect is a mobile app that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect sidewalk hazards from smartphone imagery quickly and easily. Images are processed through an advanced machine learning model that identifies tripping hazards and broken sidewalks which are characterized on a three-point scale. pathCollect was developed in partnership with an amazing team at Carnegie Mellon University.

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The SafeSidewalk Toolbox. When you want the best sidewalk + curb ramp measuring tools in the business, give us a call, send an email, or fill out the form, and we’ll get right back to you.

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